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Author: Sanket Pokar

5 cheap printers with scanner under Rs. 7000

Printers with scanner(multi function printers) It is never easy to buy consumer electronics. With so many new features and models coming up and new companies entering the market, it is easy to get confused in this mess. In this article, I shall list 5 of the best printers with scanner(MFPs) under Rs. 7000. Note that these printers not only do contain scanners functionality, but also sometimes copying and even fax.So, without wasting any of our time, let us start by listing all these 5 printers(scanners)(MFPs). Let me make it clear that the following is just a list and not...

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How to break smartphone addiction and focus on career?

Addiction to smartphone is the latest of all the addictions. We all use smartphone quite frequently. By frequently I mean to an extent that hardly do most of us can stay away from it for more than an hour or two. This addiction is, at a fundamental level, I believe not new to human society since every new human invention in history has captured the minds of society to such an extent that we have become addicted to it. This type of addiction is, I believe, short-lived, sort of like Pokémon Go debacle. Sooner, we will become bored of...

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How to find cheap flight tickets?

Have you ever wanted to fly to your destination in order to save your time and make the travel easier? Or have you wanted to have a vacation abroad but are financially constrained due to the seemingly high cost of travelling to your location? If these are your problems then no worries. In this article, we shall compare the flight search engines which give cheap flight tickets. Now, what are these? These are websites which compare the cost of the flight on the websites of different travel agents and claim to give you the cheap flight tickets. Some of...

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Top 10 Inventions that changed the world!

We have changed our lives dramatically right from ancient times till today! Our society has continuously developed itself. From the first bow and arrow to the modern machine guns, from the hut in the forest to modern houses, from the hand fans to the modern air conditioners, illustrates that human civilization has continuously developed itself through innovative ideas. Here, we are going to take you through the Top 10 Inventions that have changed you and me alike and changed our lifestyle completely. Here is the list of top 10 inventions– 10. The Plough This invention is just like the...

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How to change search engine in Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer?

Changing search engine in Internet Explorer:- Internet Explorer, as developed by Microsoft, obviously uses Bing as the default search engine. For changing the default search engine in Internet Explorer go through the following steps after opening Internet Explorer:- Step 1: Type anything in the address bar. Internet Explorer will show you search suggestions from Bing as illustrated in this screenshot. Then click on Add besides the Bing icon.   Step 2: After clicking on ‘add’ you will be directed to the page which includes the list of search engines that you may want to use. This list includes the likes of...

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