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Author: Sanket Pokar

How to find cheap flight tickets?

Have you ever wanted to fly to your destination in order to save your time and make the travel easier? Or have you wanted to have a vacation abroad but are financially constrained due to seemingly high cost of travelling to your location? If these are your problems then no worries. In this article we shall compare the flight search engines. Now what are these? These are websites which compares the cost of flight on the websites of different travel agents. Some of these websites compares scores of websites of different travel agents as well as websites of airlines....

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Top 10 Inventions that changed the world!

We have changed our lives dramatically right from our birth that is after we were converted to what we are now the homo sapiens! We were first apes and slowly mutated to homo sapiens, which we are now. From then on this species has continuously developed itself. From the first bow and arrow to the modern machine guns, from the hut in the forest to modern houses, from the hand fans to the modern air conditioners, whatever example we take but human civilization has continuously developed itself through innovative ideas. Here, at Levotron, we are going to take you...

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How to change search engine in Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer?

Changing search engine in Internet Explorer:- Internet Explorer, as developed by Microsoft, obviously uses Bing as the default search engine. For changing the default search engine in Internet Explorer go through the following steps after opening Internet Explorer:- Step 1: Type anything in the address bar. Internet Explorer will show you search suggestions from Bing as illustrated in this screenshot. Then click on Add besides the Bing icon.   Step 2: After clicking on ‘add’ you will be directed to the page which includes the list of search engines that you may want to use. This list includes the likes of...

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Who dominates in Internet Services? Google vs Microsoft!

If you use internet, then you probably use a search engine, email account, a web portal for information, web browser, translation tool (they are bad in translation, aren’t they?), a service for finance information, an online office suite, cloud storage etc. Presently, there are only two companies which dominate in almost all these sectors- Google and Microsoft. They compete in almost every sector, search engine(Google vs Bing), email(Gmail vs Outlook), cloud storage(Google Drive vs One Drive) and also the browser war(Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge). Search: – Google receives about 50000 searches per second! Click To Tweet The search...

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No Longer Fantasy, Brain Reading is possible!

Think that you are not a very good artist! You saw one person committing an extremely heinous crime. That criminal runs away before you can call in cops. What will you do? You remember his face completely, a good artist will just draw a sketch of him and submit it to a police. But you are not that type of artist. Here is where brain reading comes into action. This technology would probably sound insane as this is the technology mentioned in the fantasy book for the children of Grade 3 or perhaps 5. Yes, don’t get insane it...

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