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Author: Daksh Pokar

How to create a Desktop Shortcut to disable device?

As a Gaming Laptop user, I must admit that it sucks up a lot of battery even if I am not doing any work that requires my powerful GPU. So for this, I decided to switch off my GPU so that I can pull out some extra juice for my laptop, which I did in the end. Turning off my GPU gave me extra battery life but also when I required the GPU, I always had to go to Device Manager to turn on my Graphics Card, which was very frustrating for a lazy guy like me. Although my...

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Boost Windows 10 PC for free!

We use our laptops and PCs every day, whether it is to complete the homework or assignment or to complete the office work. But you might know how frustrating it is when your laptop just freezes when you are doing some critical work. This happens with the majority of people using Windows based PCs or laptops but luckily there is a clever solution to this troublesome problem. While these methods might work for other versions of Windows but this article solely focuses on Windows 10. Follow the steps below to boost windows 10 Laptop/PC! Cleaning the registry Although cleaning...

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How to buy laptop in 2017?

Whether you are engineer or a designer everybody needs a laptop, a laptop that daily meets every requirements of your computing needs for your college or for your office. If you are in search of good laptop for 2017 then this is the post you must read it will help you find a laptop with your personal demand. (Note: This article will solely focus on Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards) 1) Identify Use-case scenarios The very first step is to identify what things you would like to do with your rig. This will help narrow the search for the best laptop...

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Sharing files between two PCs by using Ethernet Cable!

Consider if you want to transfer a large file of over 50 GB to your friend`s computer. What will you do? You can transfer it by using external HDD but what if you don`t have one. If you have ample amount of time then you can also divide the file in six packages of 8 GB and transfer it by using a 8 GB pen drive. But here is a really simple guide on how you can transfer one file to another using Ethernet cable. What things you will need? Ethernet Cable Your PC Your friend`s PC These three things...

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Reliance JIO after the BUZZ!

As of now everyone in India knows the Reliance JIO, and if they don`t most probably they will get to know because of the free services it is providing to its users. Just open Google maps, search for the nearest Digital Xpress mini store and go there you will definitely find a queue in front of the store for the JIO sim. Even if you want to buy some smartphone from the shop, the queue won’t let you in. This is the JIO-effect. I mean people are so crazy about this that some are standing literally for a whole day...

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