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Levotron is a technology magazine developed with an aim to provide quality articles related to new technology, games and internet. Launched on 6th June 2016 Levotron has consistently provided its readers quality content to read. We aim to become one of the top magazines in the world. With an expert panel of developers and quality authors, Levotron has already started to gain some reputation in the magazine world.

We have also started to allow guest users to write guest articles which are then reviewed by our editors, click here to contact for Guest Posting.



Daksh Pokar

CEO & Founder

Daksh Pokar is Internet enthusiast and loves to code. He knows HTML, CSS and PHP very well. He also has keen interest in WordPress Blogging Platform. He writes an article weekly about Blogging, SEO and Internet.


Sanket Pokar

Editor & Founder

Sanket Pokar is a tech savvy. He loves to write articles on modern technology and about technology companies. He writes about technological advancements and future of technology.



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We use HostGator because it delivers 99.99% uptime and provides one of the fastest servers needed to run our website continuously without any hiccups.


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Elegant Themes provide beautiful themes for us which are SEO-friendly and also run smoothly across all the devices whether its tablet, laptop or a smartphone.


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The best and most easy to use CDN, Cloudflare has not only provided industry`s best CDN services but also has kept us secure with its security features.

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