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How to create a Desktop Shortcut to disable device?

How to create a Desktop Shortcut to disable device?

As a Gaming Laptop user, I must admit that it sucks up a lot of battery even if I am not doing any work that requires my powerful GPU. So for this, I decided to switch off my GPU so that I can pull out some extra juice for my laptop, which I did in the end. Turning off my GPU gave me extra battery life but also when I required the GPU, I always had to go to Device Manager to turn on my Graphics Card, which was very frustrating for a lazy guy like me.

Although my laptop has a key called ID/GFX for turning off GPU completely and to run on Integrated Graphics which is nice considering how power saving that feature is but it requires a restart. So I had to find a solution and this article is the result of that.

How to disable device the normal way?

Step 1: Right-Click This PC and click Manage.


Step 2: Open Device Manager from the left menu.

device manager

Step 3: Select the appropriate Device from the list.

gtx 1070

Step 4: Right-click on selected device and click Disable device.

Step 5: Click Yes and your device will be Disabled.

Now every time we have to perform this 5 steps to enable or disable any device. To avoid this we will create a desktop shortcut to disable a device for this we will be using a software called DevManView which is an alternative to normal Windows Device Manager but this one has a Command Prompt feature to enable or disable a device.


How to create a Desktop Shortcut to disable a device?

Step 1: Download and Install DevManView from this link.

Step 2: Extract the zip and copy DevManView.exe to any drive.

Step 3: Open DevManView.exe and find the device you want to disable.

Step 4: Copy the device`s Device Instance ID.

Device Instance ID

Step 5: Start Notepad and write following lines.

D:\DevManView.exe /disable "###DEVICE INSTANCE ID###"

where ###DEVICE INSTANCE ID### is your instance ID you copied from Step 4.


Step 6: Save the file as Device_Disable.bat on the same drive where you copied DevManView in Step 2.

bat file

Step 7: Create a desktop shortcut of Device_Disable.bat file and you are done!


Shortcut on Desktop

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