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Top 10 Inventions that changed the world!

Top 10 Inventions that changed the world!

We have changed our lives dramatically right from our birth that is after we were converted to what we are now the homo sapiens! We were first apes and slowly mutated to homo sapiens, which we are now. From then on this species has continuously developed itself. From the first bow and arrow to the modern machine guns, from the hut in the forest to modern houses, from the hand fans to the modern air conditioners, whatever example we take but human civilization has continuously developed itself through innovative ideas.

Here, at Levotron, we are going to take you through the Top 10 Inventions that have changed you and me alike and changed our lifestyle completely, from the centre of the forest to be the supreme species in all the matters, just through innovation.

Here starts the countdown–

10. The Plough



This invention is just like the Wheel. Without this invention, no other invention would have been possible. Imagine the food inflation if there were no ploughs, people would have to personally dig the land and make it fit for sowing the seeds. This would certainly prove a nightmare. The Plough has a simple design yet it is an inspiration to almost every invention in the world.

9. Penicillin


Discoverer of Penicillin, Alexander Fleming

A Scottish Biologist, named Alexander Fleming was investigating something called staphylococci and on the dawn of September 28, 1928, he woke up and started investigating and found that colonies of staphylococci near the fungus were destroyed while the farther ones remained as they were.

This was the historic moment in the history of medicine. This accidental moment just saved 100 million people from the mouth of death. Alexander Fleming later said, ” I certainly didn’t plan to revolutionize all medicine by discovering the world’s first antibiotic, or bacteria killer, But I suppose that was exactly what I did”. And thus due to this great scientist 100 million people were saved.

8. Photography


Imagine what will happen if photographs were not there. Would you be able to see the face of your great great grandfather right in front of your eyes? This is another spectacular achievement by the human race, that it could take their picture. Spacecraft would be of no use without this technology. Even if we sent thousands of satellites, we would not have been able to take their advantage as we couldn’t have seen what satellites were seeing. A lot of technology would have become useless. In 1727, again by accident, the German chemist Johann Schulze discovered that a mixture of chalk, nitric acid and silver darkened when exposed to sunlight and the rate of darkening increased with the amount of silver in it. What was the result, the invention of the camera?

7. The Compass



Without this invention, we wouldn’t have known that a land called America exist or Australia exist because these discoveries were a part of Age of Exploration and Age of Exploration would have been impossible without The Mariner’s Compass. At its invention, no one would have imagined that this small magnet free to align itself with earth’s magnetic field would be of such a great use. No one would have expected this marvellous achievement of The Compass but it just did what it was not expected to.

6. The Wheel


The Wheel

You (the reader) may have thought before the beginning that all these inventions that are going to be followed will probably be invented by some great, supreme scientist. But that’s not the case with all of them. One of the best examples of this is The Wheel. It was invented in Mesopotamia at around 3500 B.C. Think of the life today as without cars, buses, trains, planes, trolley bags. This life is extremely unimaginable for these things have become a basic necessity of life. Without wheels, Europeans may not have known that other civilizations exist because there wouldn’t have any contact with other civilizations.

5. Printing Press



Printing Press

Think about the early morning at 7 am or so. You are awake, what will you do next. You would probably take out the morning newspaper and start reading it. Would you be able to do so if a guy named Johannes Gutenberg hadn’t invented printing press, which is an inspiration for all the modern printers, in the year 1450? Not only that Printing Press has brought about dramatic changes to the human civilization. Before its invention, European civilization used to read hand-written books which were extremely expensive. Hence, there were absolutely limited people in the society who were completely able to read and write. The work of the scientists was reduced as they didn’t have to dictate anything anymore. Hence Printing Press brought about a renaissance in the European Civilization and the industrial revolution was made possible.

4. Communications

Man communicating with someone!

Man communicating with someone!

Tring! Tring! Which thing rings in this manner? Telephone, absolutely. Want to contact anybody on the other side of the planet? Just take out your cell phone, type 10 digit unique number and press the call button and yes in moments you are connected to the person who is geographically 10000 kilometres or be it any distance far away from you. This is the miracle of the communications technology. If somehow it was possible to go back to past and I had said that these (Communications) type of things will be invented, our ancestors would have driven nuts, and utmost assume that this guy is telling stories of science fiction.

3. Light Bulb

Light Bulb

Light Bulb

Look at the night satellite picture of the earth. This picture is completely illuminated with light. What is that light? They are the lights human civilization uses at night to eradicate darkness. Suppose you are a journalist, you want to write a article, it is 10 pm at night. So how would you write that article if that situation had existed before the light bulb? Impossible, but that’s how our ancestors lived. They had no light bulb but just due to this one invention, the whole world changed. It is now the basic necessity of every human being.

2. Computer




It would have not probably been possible to read my article if this invention hadn’t been invented. From smartphones to desktop computers to laptops to palm tops and even tablets work on the principles of computer and the design of computer is continuously changing. For Example the first computer invented by mankind was of 27 tonnes (27000 kilograms) and consumed 150 kW of power and now we have a lightest smartphone weighing around 120 grams which is about 225000 times less than that of the first computer ENIAC. This machine gave rise to IT industry and gave employment to millions of unemployed people. Without this machine, sensors wouldn’t have been possible, smartphones not possible, tablets not possible.

Going in a very deep look of this, all the cars which we have would have been very much expensive if this machine wasn’t invented because in almost every automobile factory. Not only in automobile factory but even the potato chips factory use this machine. So this machine has dramatically brought down the cost of production and hence, inflation. If this machine wasn’t invented, our lifestyle would have been dramatically different from what it is now. One of the devices which make use of this device is robot. Almost every high scale industry make use of robots today. This device certainly deserves the 2nd position.

1. Internet



Internet – World Wide Web

Your smartphones and desktop computers and every type of personal computers without this technology. This technology is truly amazing, this is the technology which is allowing me to communicate with you. Every computer user who is using computer for his personal needs requires this technology. Without this technology Facebook would have remain a dream. Invented by US Department of Defense amid fears of Soviet nuclear threat, this technology enabled researchers to share data electronically. Data was converted to telephone signals by Modulator Demodulator (Modem). This technology secured data even from nuclear threats and the data remained safe.

The US Department of Defense may not have imagined that this technology would change the world. Now from ordering pizza to air conditioners even from the other part of the world it will be just a matter of clicks. The Communications Technology allowed people to share voice, or text by telegraph but this technology enabled users to share images, videos, movies, presentation, text, voice and even a live video broadcast. This technology combined with computer, employed millions of people who were in search of jobs.

So to wrap things up, do you agree with our list of Top 10 Inventions? Tell your thought in the comment section below or you can vote your favorite invention from the poll below.

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