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How to retrieve Chrome`s Cached files?

How to retrieve Chrome`s Cached files?

First of all sorry guys for not posting any single article in last whole month cause I was busy with my new College and also with the Phase 1 exam.

Anyways, while I was in busy this whole month I came to know this nice little trick to get any file, images or even any script from Chrome`s cache.

What is cache anyway?

Well anytime when you open a website Chrome caches the static contents of the website like images, scripts etc. So that the next time you visit that site it loads faster.

When can you need this?

There may a time when you opened up a page but it was removed afterwards and you wanted a image from that site, then this method can help to retrieve that image.

You can view the chrome`s cached files by navigating to chrome://cache but you cannot open those files. If you want you can just try it out. A file with some random numbers and alphabets will pop up which definitely we cannot understand.

So we need some decoder, **DRUMROLLS** please, Here comes the ChromeCacheView by nirsoft.

How to view the files of Chrome`s cache?

Step 1:  Go to and Download this file.

Step 2: After downloading the file Just extract those files using WinRAR.

Extracting files

Step 3: Open the file ChromeCacheView.exe from the extracted folder.

Step 4: Wait for sometime so that the application loads all the cached contents.

Step 5: After it loads the file find the search icon in the toolbar below menu bar.


Step 6: Find the file you want!


Step 7: Go to File, then click Open Selected cache file OR else you can press F7.

Step 8: Nothing, you`re done, you have your cached file.



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