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New Android Nougat launcher aka Nexus Launcher!

New Android Nougat launcher aka Nexus Launcher!

Have seen the latest Android N Developer Preview?

Probably you must have seen it, if not look below.

Android N


Well it has multi-window, new redesigned notification shade and improved Doze. But if you compare the home screen or the launcher of Android N with that of Android Marshmallow, you will notice that they are alike. No difference at all. With that traditional app drawer button and other 4 favorite apps in the hot seat. Before release of the first developer preview there were various rumors about new launcher that will not have any App Drawer. Even Samsung and LG when launched there flagship phones removed the app drawer or gave users ability to remove it. So were those rumors fake!

(Drum rolls please…) Here comes the NEXUS Launcher!

Nexus Launcher

Nexus launcher is a leaked app that may replace the launcher found on the Android N when its release later this year.

From the first look of launcher, you will notice where the hell is app drawer? But don`t worry your App Drawer is still there. Now it is accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

On the home screen you must have noticed that big curved rectangle containing the new Google Logo, that is a button when tapped it opens search, which is linked to Google App.

Also swiping left opens up the Google Now, same like the normal Marshmallow or the latest Android N Developer Preview launcher.

In addition to this there is also a change to the wallpaper picker, which now includes an Auto wallpaper change feature which will change your wallpaper automatically by downloading it through Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. There are numerous categories to choose wallpaper from.

Nexus Launcher
Nexus Launcher

The app drawer consist of a transparent white background with search bar at the top. You also get that quick access scroll bar.

Nexus Launcher

Overall the launcher is sleek and intuitive and looks awesome. Also if you want I have added download links below!

P.S. :I love that swipe up app drawer feature!

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