Its Friendship day, so I decided to create a collage of my Facebook friends. This is a quick tutorial on how I created collage from Facebook friends profile picture.


  1. Facebook account (obvious)
  2. Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  3. A little amount of brain
  4. 5 minutes of time

How to create Facebook Friend`s Profile Picture Collage?

Step 1: Open your Facebook profile.

Facebook Profile

Step 2: Navigate to Friends tab.

Facebook Friends

Step 3: Scroll down to till you see your last friend from the list.

Step 4: Press Ctrl+S to save the whole page.

Facebook last friend

Step 5: It will create two files one is the html file and other is a folder.

Two Folders

Step 6: Navigate to that folder and look out for your friend`s profile pictures.

Facebook Collage

Step 7: Select every picture of your facebook friends using Shift + Arrow keys and copy them to a new folder on desktop. Now you can also remove unwanted or duplicated images.

Facebook Collage

Step 8: Now you will need PowerPoint for the next steps.

Step 9: Open PowerPoint.

Facebook Collage

Step 10: Copy all the photos from the folder you created in step 7.

Step 11: Paste them in a new blank presentation. It will look something like this.

Facebook Collage

Step 12: Now to separate them, Select all images by Ctrl+A.

Step 13: And navigate to Format tab from the above ribbon.

Format Tab

Step 14: From that click on Picture Layout. It will open a drop-down.


Step 15: Select Picture Caption List or the third option from first row.

Step 16: Now it will ask to add text to every image, but if you don`t want to add any text then,

Step 17: Click on “Covert” from the top-right corner. Click on Convert to Shapes.

Facebook Collage

And you are done.

If you want you can change the background by right-click and Format Background option. Also you can add some cool text.

Here` s my collage-