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How to start a blog for free? A Beginner`s Guide!

How to start a blog for free? A Beginner`s Guide!


Well like saying I love you to your girlfriend blogging is not easy! It requires a lot of hard work, patience and most importantly a strong hold on the topic which you blog on!

So today I am going to teach you How to start a blog for free?

Before starting with the main steps let`s see what a blog is and why you need to learn how to make a blog.

What is a blog?

As Wikipedia mentions,  A Blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order. Means that the most recent post appears on the top. There are around 152 million blogs out of 1 billion websites on internet. A blog can have a content management system like WordPress or can use its own CMS to publish articles, also some blogs can use CMS provided by Blogger (which is a free to use blogging platform provided by Google).

A blog can be of two types Single Author or Multi-Author blogs like Levotron.

Why you need to learn how to start a blog?

Well the answer is simple because you can share your expertise with the public, who can like, comment or share your post. Suppose you are good at cooking, you can start a cooking blog and write articles on various dishes you like making.

And now the real question.

How to start a blog?


Now follow the steps below to start a blog within just a few minutes for free.



Using free service

WordPress is great platform for single author and multi author blogs, even this blog uses WordPress to deliver the best articles to you.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Create Website.


Step 3: Choose a category in which your blog will belong to, for example I am choosing Business and Services.

Step 4: Select a sub-category like I am choosing Technology & Computing.

Step 5: Select how your homepage will look.

Step 6: Choose a theme, for example I am choosing Button Theme.

Step 7: Now enter the domain name you would like to use. For example if I enter levotron then the domain name that I get will be which is the free one and if you want you can get a custom domain name, which you can get if you upgrade to premium services. domain

Step 8: Now pick a plan. If you want you can choose a paid plan. If you are going for a paid plan then try considering Premium which combines all best services. Do not follow the step below if you chose for any paid plan.

Step 9:  In the final step of the 6 steps create a account. account

Step 10: After creating your account it will load for a few seconds and then something like the screenshot below will appear.

Step 11: Click continue and you will see the homepage of your very own blog, CONGRATULATIONS!

Step 12: Now to customize it you can visit “” to edit.

This was using WordPress and you can also create a blog using Blogger which I will be showing you later on also I will be writing a comparison article too! So stay tuned and subscribe to Levotron using the Subscription form below or else you will miss the weekly updates and also if you have any queries then please comment below so that I can help.


About The Author

Daksh Pokar

Daksh Pokar is Internet enthusiast and loves to code. He knows HTML, CSS and PHP very well. He also has keen interest in Wordpress Blogging Platform. He writes an article weekly about Blogging, SEO and Internet.

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