Fire, I suppose is one of the most important discoveries mankind has made. It kept us warm and safe from the devils of forests which we lived in. And after Fire, the only thing that is as revolutionary as it is a Smartphone. Just think of it, a single device which we carry has the power of a calculator, a GPS, a mobile, a camera, a stopwatch and what not.


It has become an inevitable part of our life. Revolutionising the world with a single tap on the screen. Due to smartphone companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have become multi-billion dollar ventures. Investing their capital in R&D and improvising their systems daily to make smartphone more better every day.

But apart from the pros the smartphone has it has big negative impact on our health. So I started finding the cons that smartphone has buy doing a deep study for nearly 20 days. I used to use my smartphone for 12 hours daily to play games, watch movies and browse YouTube. For that I changed my data plan for my Wi-Fi connection from 60GB for 3 months to 125 GB per month. I am using a SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 4 for my study and here is the list of 10 ways in which smartphone affects our health.

1. Forgetting things

I used to use my smartphone extensively during this 20 day tenure and after few days I came to know that I cannot remember things quite well as I used to earlier.

2. Sleeplessness

This is also one of the reasons, because earlier I used to sleep almost instantaneously as I lay on bed but after using smartphone every day at night I am having some problems in sleeping.

3. Temporary Blindness

Using smartphone while you are in your bed and about sleep can cause blindness as reported by the Guardian. Similarly I also started to notice pain in eyes after just 2 days of using smartphone at night.

4. Headache

Waking up at morning also changed for me during this 20 day test, I use to get headache from morning to night every single day during test.

5. Back pain

It is known that sitting in the same posture for long time can cause back pain and similar was with me when I was looking at smartphone watching movies for long time, I also used to get neck pain.

6. Neck pain

Worse than having neck pain after working for long time on computer.

7. Tremors

You hand literally vibrates after holding something in your hand.

8. Addiction like alcohol

You cannot live without it for a second once you get its addiction. Due to this you get numerous problem.

9. Negative impact on brain

Effects brain drastically, causing temporary memory loss and decrease in memory skills.

10. Can cause you ill

Yes you heard it right, smartphones can cause you ill. Here is the logic –
Tell me guys when have you washed your hands before using your smartphone! Never huh! Smartphone may consist tons of harmful bacteria and we use everyday! It may cause you ill someday!