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Review of the Crossy road best arcade game ever!

Review of the Crossy road best arcade game ever!

Crossy Road is an arcade video game which was released on November 2014. The name and concept of the game is a play on the joke, “Why did the Chicken cross the road ?”

Crossy Road

Game Play

The goal of the game is to get as far as possible across the roads, rivers, grass and train tracks without dying. The player plays a character such as a chicken, koala, bunny, etc. and must tap to go forward or swipe the screen horizontally. There are many obstacles which cause immediate deaths such as rivers, cars and bullet trains. The player must advance when the path is clear or use platform to cross the rivers. An eagle will appear and snatch the character if they stay in the same place for too long or move three steps back, resulting in the player’s death. Every square unit moved forward will earn a point.



The iOS version includes 145 characters, including the default chicken. There are 119 unlock able characters and 22 that are “secret characters” unlocked exclusively through various methods.


Coins are in-game currency with the sole use of buying random characters from a machine in the game. Coins can be obtain during the gameplay if landed on it, watching advertisement videos, completing various tasks and collecting free gifts etc.

The game was a finalist for the Game of the Year award 2014. Three months after its initial release, the game earned over $10 million and had over 50 million downloads.

My Personal Review


If you are an arcade video game freak you must try this incredible game. It is really fun playing and is addictive as well. Characters are amazing and game play is awesome just give it a go it is the best arcade game!

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