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41 ways to improve your site`s SEO!

41 ways to improve your site`s SEO!

SEO is the single most important thing you want to do for your website after uploading to the web server. Well for the people who don`t know what SEO is! Here is an insufficient introduction to it.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique for improving the visibility of the website on a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo! It is an important step in the process of Internet Marketing. SEO can be achieved by two method paid and unpaid (or earned, which is the cheapest way to do SEO). As search engine is becoming an integral part of our life, people want the best information to be delivered the moment they search for it.

Here are the 41 ways to improve your site`s SEO –

  1. Focus on your content and the quality of articles you write.
  2. Improve your grammar and also do a readability test.
  3. Improve your site`s design, remember your site is checked by real people that work in Google to review your website.
  4. Eliminate any broken links on your website. A good website I found on that here.
  5. Get backlinks from quality sites and do not submit your website`s link on any Backlink generator website, as they generated low-quality links which negatively affects your site`s SEO.
  6. Register and confirm your website on Google Webmaster Tools.
  7. Fix the crawl errors and crawl stats on Google Webmaster Tools.
  8. Check your Google Webmaster Tools account every week to rectify the errors on your website.
  9. Add do follow links to your article or post.
  10. If you are on WordPress CMS then install Yoast SEO plugin.
  11. Don`t overcrowd your website with ads, as I mentioned earlier, the website is checked by real people in Google.
  12. Submit your website`s XML sitemap to Google using its Webmaster Tools.
  13. Add your website to Bing Webmaster Tools and submit XML sitemap.
  14. Check every article for plagiarism even if you haven`t copied them.
  15. Write meta-description for every web page on your website`s header.
  16. Add an appropriate title for your web pages.
  17. Use relevant focus keyword for your webpage.
  18. Include you focus keyword in webpage`s URL.
  19. For quality backlinks, join the discussion on popular websites which provide backlinks.
  20. If you are using WordPress then use an SEO-friendly theme.
  21. Guest post on a website which provides do-follow backlinks.
  22. Improve your site`s speed. It is also a major ranking factor. I recommend you to use Cloudflare which provides free CDN services.
  23. Use tools like Pingdom or PageSpeed to check your website`s speed.
  24. Use caching plugins to decrease the load on your WordPress site. Plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache or WP Super Cache can help.
  25. Use tools like SEMrush to find right keywords for your article.
  26. Add alt attribute to every image on your site.
  27. Regularly check your website for any errors related to alt tag in the images.
  28. Create a robots.txt file for your website. I found a good generator here.
  29. Follow news websites that provide information regarding changes in the search algorithms.
  30. Add a news or corporate blog to your business website.
  31. Update your website frequently.
  32. Share your website on social media(Google+, Facebook and Twitter) to get traffic.
  33. Do not use black-hat SEO method to increase your SEO rankings. If you are found to be doing that then your website will get a permanent ban from inclusion in the search results.
  34. Do not use long titles for your webpage, use the appropriate word that describes your website. Your title should be less than 65 characters.
  35. Also, don`t use short titles. Your title should be in between 35 to 65 characters.
  36. If you use a smartphone then download SEO SERP app and track your ranking every day.
  37. Switch to HTTPS over HTTP.
  38. You can switch to HTTPS by using Cloudflare’s free Universal SSL service.
  39. Give backlink to other websites, so they give you also.
  40. Be patient and see an increase in your organic visitors from search engines.
  41. If you are not successful in increasing the SEO by using above mentioned methods then contact me at [email protected]


42. Easily Submit your website to Google using this link.

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