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Who dominates in Internet Services? Google vs Microsoft!

Who dominates in Internet Services? Google vs Microsoft!

If you use internet, then you probably use a search engine, email account, a web portal for information, web browser, translation tool (they are bad in translation, aren’t they?), a service for finance information, an online office suite, cloud storage etc. Presently, there are only two companies which dominate in almost all these sectors- Google and Microsoft. They compete in almost every sector, search engine(Google vs Bing), email(Gmail vs Outlook), cloud storage(Google Drive vs One Drive) and also the browser war(Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge).

Search: –

The search sector is probably the biggest sector in internet services. People search every day on Internet and no doubt everyday people ask and search about Google vs Bing. The answer with regards to who dominates in this sector is pretty obvious – Google. According to internetlivestats, Google receives about 50000 searches per second. That’s a lot of search, right. No wonder Google’s search engine is the cash cow for the company.

On the other side of the river, Microsoft has a search engine called Bing, which nobody really uses. Although Microsoft has made Bing as the default search engine in the Microsoft Edge Browser and also the old Internet Explorer, people just do not want to make a transition. Bing also powers the Yahoo search engine, which also accounts for a sizeable chunk of the total search market. But people still google(search) on Google. The possible reasons why people use Google for search are – Better search algorithms and a brand name. But in the recent years, Bing is growing faster than Google. According to comScore, the market share of Bing is about 20.7%, Yahoo (powered by Bing) is at 12.7% and Google is at 63.9%. But with the present trend, market share of Google is actually decreasing, but it may not be replaced by Bing any time soon.

But there are some features that Bing offers that Google doesn’t. Like,

  • Match Prediction: – Google, until recently didn’t even showed cricket scores on its search page until recently. But Bing even predicts who will win! Isn’t that impressive. Here’s a screenshot of what Bing showed me when I searched for ‘premier league’. It predicted all the matches of the league. On the other hand, Google doesn’t seem to have astrologers in its office to predict the matches. Jokes apart, the Google schedule card also suffices.
    Match Prediction