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Who dominates in Internet Services? Google vs Microsoft!

Who dominates in Internet Services? Google vs Microsoft!

If you use internet, then you probably use a search engine, email account, a web portal for information, web browser, translation tool (they are bad in translation, aren’t they?), a service for finance information, an online office suite, cloud storage etc. Presently, there are only two companies which dominate in almost all these sectors- Google and Microsoft. They compete in almost every sector, search engine(Google vs Bing), email(Gmail vs Outlook), cloud storage(Google Drive vs One Drive) and also the browser war(Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge).

Search: –

The search sector is probably the biggest sector in internet services. People search every day on Internet and no doubt everyday people ask and search about Google vs Bing. The answer with regards to who dominates in this sector is pretty obvious – Google. According to internetlivestats, Google receives about 50000 searches per second. That’s a lot of search, right. No wonder Google’s search engine is the cash cow for the company.

On the other side of the river, Microsoft has a search engine called Bing, which nobody really uses. Although Microsoft has made Bing as the default search engine in the Microsoft Edge Browser and also the old Internet Explorer, people just do not want to make a transition. Bing also powers the Yahoo search engine, which also accounts for a sizeable chunk of the total search market. But people still google(search) on Google. The possible reasons why people use Google for search are – Better search algorithms and a brand name. But in the recent years, Bing is growing faster than Google. According to comScore, the market share of Bing is about 20.7%, Yahoo (powered by Bing) is at 12.7% and Google is at 63.9%. But with the present trend, market share of Google is actually decreasing, but it may not be replaced by Bing any time soon.

But there are some features that Bing offers that Google doesn’t. Like,

  • Match Prediction: – Google, until recently didn’t even showed cricket scores on its search page until recently. But Bing even predicts who will win! Isn’t that impressive. Here’s a screenshot of what Bing showed me when I searched for ‘premier league’. It predicted all the matches of the league. On the other hand, Google doesn’t seem to have astrologers in its office to predict the matches. Jokes apart, the Google schedule card also suffices.
    Match Prediction
  • Beautiful Pictures behind the search engine: – It is just a joy to watch different pictures every day right in your search engine. Bing does it in a revolutionary manner. While Google’s homepage is a simple search bar with a ‘Google search’ button, Bing has a beautiful design.
    Bing Background

Conclusion: – I would say clearly; Google is the winner in the search war. The algorithms of Google seem way better than Bing. And the beautiful pictures used by Bing every day may not help to improve its market share. Because at the end of the day people come on search engine to search not to watch the birds flying in the background. Though I have mentioned two things that Bing can but Google can’t but there are billions of things that Google can but Bing can’t. The usage of Google as a verb clearly indicates the position of Google in the search engine market.
Winner:- Google

Browser: –

There was a time when Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser. After all it was the first free browser in the history of internet and was responsible for the demise of Netscape Navigator which was a premium product. But today if you are reading this on a desktop then the chances that you are reading on Internet Explorer are less. It was a slow browser and would sometimes take decades to load a single page. Microsoft has tried to revive its image by the Microsoft Edge browser which is a lightweight browser and upon using it, I felt like I was using Chrome or Firefox. Currently Microsoft Edge is available only for Windows 10, so the market share of Edge is still quite low. Though Windows 10 is available free of cost for all Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users, the correct analysis can be made only after most of the users have upgraded to Windows 10. The only drawback of Edge is that it doesn’t support add-ons. On the other hand, Google’s Chrome browser has a lot of add-ons which helps in enhancing your overall internet experience. The major advantage of Edge over other browser is its integration with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. Cortana helps you in doing what a personal assistant does when you are using Edge. Meanwhile, Microsoft is busy marketing its new browser by showing a pop up titled ‘Give Microsoft Edge a shot’ when you try to change your default browser from Edge to Chrome or Firefox or any non-Microsoft browser. Google also has Google Now integrated in Chrome for Desktop.
Conclusion: – I would say Chrome is a little faster than Edge and the easiness through which you could drag the tabs of chrome is simply awesome. Edge also doesn’t feature any add-ons. The integration of Edge and Cortana is an excellent feature. The winner in this category is difficult to decide as Edge is also an excellent browser (although its market share remains less).
Winner: – Google Chrome (was difficult to decide)

Email Services: –

Although it may seem to some readers that all the email services are same at the basic level. Yes, basically almost all the services have a send option and an inbox then why compare? There are also certain issues that needs to be resolved. Though Microsoft can boast of having the one of the oldest services on the Internet, The Hotmail (which is now,, nobody really uses it. Microsoft has been reeling under many controversies when it comes to the webmail services. I, personally like the interface of the Outlook. According to Wikipedia, there are three controversies that is reeling under.

The major controversy is that Microsoft allows NSA to access chats and emails on which is a major privacy issues. Earlier, Yahoo was used by people for their email account. But Yahoo wasn’t able to keep it with its user base for no apparent reason and this has led to the demise of Yahoo! Mail although it continues to be the third largest client. It seems that, in recent years the vast user base of Yahoo has migrated to Google because of brand name of Google. The company which started a search engine also earns millions of dollars from ads on its Gmail page. Google also has privacy issues with Gmail as it scans your email for showing ads.

  • Storage: – Gmail has a 15 GB free storage space and on the other hand Microsoft provides unlimited storage capacity for free. So Microsoft has an upper hand in this sector.
  • Attachment Size: – Both the services allow only 25 MB as direct attachment size. But both have cloud storage integration in the mailboxes (OneDrive for Microsoft, Google Drive for Google)
  • Supported Languages: – According to Wikipedia, Outlook supports 106 languages, and on the other hand Gmail supports 71, so pretty much they both supports many languages. So Microsoft also has an upper hand in this sector too.
  • Email services for individual domains: – Google provides domain services to website owners at $5/user/month whereas Microsoft doesn’t. So Google dominates over Microsoft in this sector.

Conclusion: – Microsoft has privacy issues with Outlook. But Gmail can also not be considered as pioneer of online privacy as it constantly scans the Gmail account of its users to show contextual ads which is also not conducive for creating a private online environment. So on the issue of privacy Outlook and Google are the same. Microsoft dominates in storage capacity, supported languages whereas Google provides domain services too. Google has over 1 billion users whereas Outlook has a measly 400 million users (although user base has nothing to do with overall user experience). is also a bit slow and takes a while to open.
Winner: – Draw

Cloud Storage: –

Both Google and Microsoft provide their own cloud storage systems under the brand names of OneDrive which was formerly known as SkyDrive and Google Drive, respectively. Both of these services provide free storage. But while Google provides a free storage of 15 GB, Microsoft provides only 5 GB (reduced from the earlier 15 GB). For users using cloud storage both of these services has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Supported Languages:- Like the Microsoft’s webmail service, Microsoft supports more languages than Google does. Microsoft supports about 107 languages whereas Google is able to support only 68.
  • Integration with Windows :- Like it or not, more than 90% of the desktops and laptops in the world use Windows as their operating system. So as you might have expected OneDrive is closely integrated with Windows. The most widely used Office suite is Microsoft Office. So it is natural for Microsoft to integrate Office and OneDrive. It is even possible to save a document, a spreadsheet, a presentation, an access file, or any other file created by any software of Microsoft Office to be directly saved to your OneDrive. One might say that Google has similar advantage because of its Android Operating System but OneDrive also has an application for Android. So the Google Drive can be accessed on Android Devices in the same way as OneDrive.
  • Cost: – Here we present the detailed prices of both Google’s Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive if you are not satisfied with the free storage which both of these services offer.

    So as is evident from the above two images One Drive is a bad choice because it is expensive and it offers 3 times less free storage than Google does and also charges twice the price for additional storage. With Google Drive it is possible to obtain a 1 GB of storage for even less than a cent (if you purchase in bulk). This invites a question as to why Microsoft is taking steps which are not market friendly in an era where Google is continuing to dominate the information technology landscape.

Winner:- Obviously Google.

Final Conclusion:-

Sorry Microsoft fans!!!!. I have been tried to be unbiased while writing the blog. But all the conclusion I have drawn is based on thorough research and facts. Microsoft is still a great company but it just is not right for the Internet era. Microsoft is a software company which is trying to lay its foot in the internet industry whereas Google has taken birth as an internet company and only recently has started its strides in the offline software industry. For all those who are thinking why I didn’t compare the Microsoft Windows with the Chrome OS the reason is because I have compared only the online internet services and not the offline software created by these two companies. The Operating system is the issue of my another blog.

About The Author

Sanket Pokar

Sanket Pokar is a tech savvy. He loves to write articles on modern technology and about technology companies. He writes about technological advancements and future of technology.


  1. Rohan NInad jain

    East or West Microsoft is the best.

  2. Clive owston

    Is there anyone who still uses Internet Explorer.

    • Ajeet chaudhri

      Ya i do use IE for downoading Firefox or Google Chrome

  3. Kishen wilkox

    Whatever the review says, i still will use Bing as my primary search engine. Period.!!!!

  4. Richard Goodwill

    I just love Google. All its services are pro and have no bugs but Microsoft sucks as it does not provide such pro services like Google.

  5. Anand Sharma

    very nice post sanket. Thumbs Up


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