Think that you are not a very good artist! You saw one person committing an extremely heinous crime. That criminal runs away before you can call in cops. What will you do? You remember his face completely, a good artist will just draw a sketch of him and submit it to a police. But you are not that type of artist.

Here is where brain reading comes into action. This technology would probably sound insane as this is the technology mentioned in the fantasy book for the children of Grade 3 or perhaps 5. Yes, don’t get insane it is possible. It is a breakthrough in the history of mankind. Man will be able to read his counterpart’s brain with the help of just one simple machine. However, this technology has only been tested to look at the faces which the subjects saw. In this remarkable experiment, subjects were shown about 300 faces of people from different races, religion and gender. And the scientist tried to reconstruct the faces which their subjects just saw by means of an brain scanner which analyzed the thoughts of the subjects. And the marvelous part of this experiment is that many of the faces that the subjects saw approximated with the images which were ‘extracted’ from the subject’s mind by scientists. Skin color of most of the faces proved to be approximately correct while other features of the faces did were also ‘extracted’ from the minds of the subjects. Let me say this, but this so called first subjects of this mind blowing technology are also the first victims of the privacy threat. There is no place where a person could place his secret thoughts in. If he write them down in his secret diary, it can be hacked. Now, this technology, brain reading, will also be able to hack brain! That sounds insane, doesn’t it?  This is a complete breach of privacy, that too mental privacy. You will see that we will make laws against this technology on normal circumstances but it is not possible because the intelligence agencies can’t resist their temptation to gather intelligence even though if it comes at the cost of breaching privacy. If we make laws this laws must be extremely strict guiding harsh punishments to the law breakers. This is the only way to maintain privacy of human beings.