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Pizza being delivered by a drone robot!

Pizza being delivered by a drone robot!

What are the uses of drones? Sure, you may think that they are a type of unmanned aerial vehicle used by the USA to blast off its enemies. But no, they are not just that type of planes. Surprisingly, a pizza outlet in India, Francesco’s Pizzeria had used drone planes to deliver pizzas!!

The drone they are using has cost them 1.25 lakh rupees only. They have practiced test flight in the city of Mumbai which is notorious for its traffic. They have delivered a pizza from their outlet to a customer who was 1.5 km away from the outlet and have actually sparked off an era of drones delivering parcels. Actually, after some years, these planes will become as common as mail trucks delivering mails.


Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce website has also plans to start a similar service which would deliver the packages in just 30 minutes after ordering!!!!!! This is truly ridiculous, amazing, spectacular, stunning, impressive, fantastic, fabulous, extravagant, magnificent, brilliant and now I am out of words to define this truly Science Fiction like service. Amazon is just waiting for an approval from FAA and after that, guess what, this service would be available. Never ever ever in the dream I had imagined that things can be bought by just lying on your bed and in just about half an hour that thing would be in your hands. The only requirements we need for using this service are just one internet enabled device. Just take out your device log on to, add your requirements to cart, click order, fill in your credit card details and just go to your terrace, and wait and within just absolutely no time the things you ordered will be right in front of you mounted on a small drone which will be just about your hand’s size. Now what we have to do is wait for the some more years when we will be able to see the sky full of drones, each carrying something or the other in its palms. These drones have an operating radius of 8 km after which batteries will go dry. Then like petrol pumps, we have to create charging stations for these drones.

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  1. Jai joshi

    Man, it will tek a heck lot of time to tym to be actually implemented.

    • Ashok kama vemulakonda

      LMAO at your english grammar.


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