Have you heard about robots? Of Course, you had. Beware if you are a waiter at a restaurant or even a chef! Because those guys with micro chips instead of brains in their head and steel instead of skin on their surface are likely going to replace you. There are several automated restaurants already working in the world such as in the Kansas City, and Bangkok. We thought it is an end of industrial revolution which took millions of jobs away from the human beings being replaced by what we call that thing ‘machine’! Robots are of course more economical than that of humans with flesh in their body. Now I would that let the human readers know, are you a human reader, that what are the differences between the homo sapiens and the ‘robo sapiens’ or ‘android’ or whatever you call that thing which runs on electricity instead of food. Homo Sapiens require on the job training before being certified completely trained for the working of the jobs, android doesn’t. The median pay of humans working as waiters is $8.92 per hour. Even though I don’t have figures of the maintenance cost of waiter robots I can purely say that they would not take such an amount of money for their work. Robots may be pretty expensive when we buy them but they are more economical on the run, as a result on the long run, android may do work for us at cheap rate than that of humans. From the socio-economic point of view it is dreadful for humans. According to United States Department of Labor, there are about 2.3 million waiters working for livelihood in restaurants across the world. Now imagine the world with all the automated restaurants. Result? These 2.3 million people will unfortunately lose their jobs. But their employer? Now why the employer will concern his employees, he has androids to work for his customers that too in an very economically cheap manner which will thus increase his profits by just firing off the human waiters. This was just an example concerning waiters, think about other jobs. Crony Capitalism, isn’t it? The era of capitalism started off with industrial revolution.Will there be again an extremely dreadful era of capitalism starting off by the spark of robotic age. Let me imagine this type of era where only two types of classes will exist – Extremely Rich and Extremely Poor. Extremely Rich will be the capitalist using just robots and no humans to power their business. Extremely Poor people are extremely skilled people but still poor. Why? Because they are unemployed. They once were middle class people working in the projects of the people who are now extremely rich people and strong economic equality was maintained. I am not at all hinting that technology is not good. Technology is good but the ways in which it is harnessed by the people may not be good. Yes, we need robots but not to take away the jobs from the middle class people. Remember Karl Marx once said,”The production of too many useful thing results in too many useless people”. This is what is going to happen if we can’t control our tendency to use robots anywhere, restaurant was just an example.

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