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Is the rise of Google boon or bane?

Is the rise of Google boon or bane?

When we talk about a corporation which went from rags to riches, Google is the first we think of. Founded by two research scholars at Stanford University, it has become one of the world’s most valuable companies. Google (Alphabet, to be precise) is one of the most innovative corporations. But this company has its set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: –

  • Innovation: – Alphabet Inc. is presently the world’s most innovative company. From self-driving cars to Google Glass to research for longevity, Google has innovated in many sectors. Innovation is the key to survival for any technology company. If the company can’t innovate, then it is thrown away. This is what is happening to many technology companies relying on their old products and not innovating more. Google is trying to move out from its core search engine to other sectors and innovate which yields positive results both for them and the other companies. If Alphabet had stuck to its core search engine then it may not have been as big as it is today.
  • All services for free: – It is hard to imagine the Internet with paid Google services. From YouTube to Search to your mail account, all these things are free. It may not seem to be an advantage to some of my readers but it does help to make all the people of the world techno-savvy. This has made penetration of technology in underdeveloped and developing countries very fast.


Disadvantages: –

  • Lack of respect for human privacy: – Google makes its money from your information. The more information it has about you, the more relevant advertisements it can show to you and more revenue it can generate. Sounds like a solid business plan, doesn’t it? Next time you search for say, a car then don’t be surprised to see the ads related to cars in your mail account and thousands of websites that use AdSense. Many readers may also think that they do not click on Google Ads, think again. Because Google ads are so relevant to the search query that many times they are indistinguishable. Now, this is a big deal. Google knows more things about you than you think. It keeps track of your searches be it from any device as long as your account is logged in. If you use Gmail, it even scans your email for keywords and then shows the ads relevant to that keyword.
    Ads that you see everyday!
  • Too much power for a single company: – What happens when a single company get too much power. Yes, abuse of power. Like Microsoft allegedly abused its operating system market share to gain market share in the browser industry in the guise of Internet Explorer, Google can do the same thing in any other sector. Google can abuse its dominance to do whatever it likes

Conclusion: –

Overall, I believe Google has changed the way we search for information. While there are certain disadvantages in the form of lack of privacy, we have to adjust with it because most of their services are free for the users, aren’t they? If the users need privacy, then pay the money, because after all the companies also want to make their bucks.


About The Author

Sanket Pokar

Sanket Pokar is a tech savvy. He loves to write articles on modern technology and about technology companies. He writes about technological advancements and future of technology.


  1. Harshad Anupam

    Google is definitely a boon to the global civilization.

  2. Vinay Mishra

    I just love Google!!!!!

  3. corburterilio

    There is perceptibly a bundle to realize about this. I think you made some nice points in features also.


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