Author: Sanket Pokar

Top 5 best operating system for PC!

Operating Systems are obviously, the most used software on Earth. From Personal Computers to Supercomputers all of these computers have an operating system installed in them. Today we take a look at 5 of the best operating systems for personal computers. I also would like to emphasize that we would take a look at the operating systems by three giants—Apple, Microsoft and Google because these are the only companies having substantial market share. Apple as we all know sells its operating systems under the brand name of Mac, Microsoft goes under the name of Windows and Google sells its...

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Here’s why we think Yahoo! Is dying!

Do you remember the time when you were first acquainted with Internet? I believe soon after that you were introduced to email. For signing up for an email account, you probably used Yahoo! Mail because that was one of the coolest free email services back then. But now it seems that very few people really use its services. This company was the one which dominated the Internet landscape for years. But now it is killed by its competitors, Google (with its search engine & Gmail), Facebook (with Instagram killing Flickr) & other companies. The reason for its death is their...

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Why using pirated software is unethical?

Technology companies are some of the most valuable companies. Take the examples of Google (Alphabet), Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (they produce those e-readers, right). In fact 4 of the 5 most valuable companies in the world are technology companies (AAPL, GOOGL, MSFT, and FB). The combined value of these four companies is 1.9 trillion dollar which is almost (slightly higher than) equal to the GDP of the second most populous country on the planet, India. Now let’s get on the topic, why are tech companies so wealthy. Because they deserve it. It is due to the humongous efforts...

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Is the rise of Google boon or bane?

When we talk about corporation which went from rags to riches, Google is the probably the first we think of. After all it isn’t normal for a corporation founded by two research scholars in Stanford University to become one of the world’s most valuable companies. Google (Alphabet, to be precise) is one of most innovative corporations mankind has ever seen. But this company has its set of advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: – Innovation: – Alphabet Inc. is presently the world’s most innovative company. From self-driving cars to Google Glass to research for longevity this conglomerate has innovated in many...

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Want free robots, in future you may have one!

What I am going to write next is that can we see free robots for sale in the future. In the present world, many things, from google search to email account to this blog to many apps on your phone are free, then how are they monetizing it. The answer is advertising. Yes, Google search, email account, this blog, many (not all) apps on your phone and even television (to some extent) are supported by advertising. Can we see a world in which there would be free robots supported by advertising? Let me speculate on how future of ‘free’...

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