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How to change search engine in Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer?

Changing search engine in Internet Explorer:- Internet Explorer, as developed by Microsoft, obviously uses Bing as the default search engine. For changing the default search engine in Internet Explorer go through the following steps after opening Internet Explorer:- Step 1: Type anything in the address bar. Internet Explorer will show you search suggestions from Bing as illustrated in this screenshot. Then click on Add besides the Bing icon.   Step 2: After clicking on ‘add’ you will be directed to the page which includes the list of search engines that you may want to use. This list includes the likes of...

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Who dominates in Internet Services? Google vs Microsoft!

If you use internet, then you probably use a search engine, email account, a web portal for information, web browser, translation tool (they are bad in translation, aren’t they?), a service for finance information, an online office suite, cloud storage etc. Presently, there are only two companies which dominate in almost all these sectors- Google and Microsoft. They compete in almost every sector, search engine(Google vs Bing), email(Gmail vs Outlook), cloud storage(Google Drive vs One Drive) and also the browser war(Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge). Search: – Google receives about 50000 searches per second! Click To Tweet The search...

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No Longer Fantasy, Brain Reading is possible!

Think that you are not a very good artist! You saw one person committing an extremely heinous crime. That criminal runs away before you can call in cops. What will you do? You remember his face completely, a good artist will just draw a sketch of him and submit it to a police. But you are not that type of artist. Here is where brain reading comes into action. This technology would probably sound insane as this is the technology mentioned in the fantasy book for the children of Grade 3 or perhaps 5. Yes, don’t get insane it...

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Pizza being delivered by a drone robot!

What are the uses of drones? Sure, you may think that they are a type of unmanned aerial vehicle used by the USA to blast off its enemies. But no, they are not just that type of planes. Surprisingly, a pizza outlet in India, Francesco’s Pizzeria had used drone planes to deliver pizzas!! Amazon, has plans to start a deliver orders using drone! Click To Tweet The drone they are using has cost them 1.25 lakh rupees only. They have practiced test flight in the city of Mumbai which is notorious for its traffic. They have delivered a pizza...

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Will robots cause unemployment crisis?

Have you heard about robots? Of Course, you had. Beware if you are a waiter at a restaurant or even a chef! Because those guys with micro chips instead of brains in their head and steel instead of skin on their surface are likely going to replace you. There are several automated restaurants already working in the world such as in the Kansas City, and Bangkok. We thought it is an end of industrial revolution which took millions of jobs away from the human beings being replaced by what we call that thing ‘machine’! Robots are of course more economical...

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