Consider if you want to transfer a large file of over 50 GB to your friend`s computer. What will you do? You can transfer it by using external HDD but what if you don`t have one. If you have ample amount of time then you can also divide the file in six packages of 8 GB and transfer it by using a 8 GB pen drive. But here is a really simple guide on how you can transfer one file to another using Ethernet cable.

What things you will need?

  1. Ethernet Cable
  2. Your PC
  3. Your friend`s PC

These three things you need.


Step 1: Get the Ethernet Cable and connect one end to your PC. I personally would highly recommend CAT 5 cable. The better cable you have the better speed you will get while transferring files.

Ethernet cable

Step 2: Connect other end to your friend`s PC.

Step 3: Open Network and Sharing center on your PC.

network and sharing center


Step 4: Open Change Advance Sharing settings from left bar.

advance sharing options

Step 5: Under Guest or Public section you will find network discovery, click on Turn on network discovery.

Step 6: Now under File and Printer Sharing enable Turn on file and printer sharing.

Step 7: Under All Networks, enable Public Sharing folder.

Step 8: Enable 128 bit encryption under file sharing connections.

Step 9: Enable password protected sharing.

Step 10: Do the above mentioned steps on your friend`s PC too.

Step 11: Right click on the file or folder you need to transfer, Go to Properties then under Sharing Tab click on Share button or else right click on the file/folder and under Share with option click Specific people and then click Share.

Step 12: Now go to Network, there you will see two computers if you did everything correctly.

Step 13: Now open from your friend`s computer, open network and open your PC, it will ask for credentials enter the correct credentials and you will see the shared files you shared in step 11.

Step 14: Copy the files directly using Ctrl+C or by using Right click -> Copy and Paste it in your friend`s desktop or in any partition.

And you are done! If you have any problems in sharing files please feel free to comment down below.