Want to buy a T-Shirt but din`t got design of your choice then this article might help you in making or rather I should say designing a T-Shirt online. Vistaprint is a Netherlands based online printing firm a holding company of Cimpress has started its operations in India few years ago. It provides various printing based services like printing on a T-Shirt, Invitation card, Visiting cards etc. Click here to check their website!

Vista Print

How to make a T-Shirt using Vistaprint?

Step 1: Go to vistaprint.in and click on My Account link on top right!

Step 2: Enter your Email address and click No, I am a new customer to sign up. Fill in all the required details and click Sign up button.

Step 3: If you have Vistaprint account then Sign in to your account by filling in required email id and password.

Vista Login

Enter the login details!

Step 4: After signing in, hover your mouse over to the Printed apparels link and select the appropriate Men or Women link.

Vista Print

Step 5: Select T-Shirt style, Short-sleeve or Long sleeve and click Get Started link.

Step 6: Now select a template which you like from the thousands of designs available and start editing.


Step 6.5: You can also design the back side of the Shirt but it will cost extra 100 rupees!

Step 7: After designing your Shirt click next button located at the right corner below the designer.

Step 8: A confirmation page will appear for reviewing your design. Click on the “I have reviewed and approve my design” checkbox and click Next.

Step 9: After reviewing and approving your design, a page indicating the amount and size of the T- Shirts you require will appear. Enter the appropriate quantity and size of the T-Shirts and click Next.

Step 10: Finally pay the appropriate amount using credit or debit card and checkout.

The delivery date of the T-Shirts will depend upon the quantity and size of the T-Shirts. I ordered a T-Shirt on 9 June 2016 and it arrived on 14 June 2016, 3 days before the expected day of arrival.

Quality of T-Shirt

Well the quality of T-Shirt is good and after washing the printed logo was little bit dull, just a little bit. The material of T-Shirt is 100% cotton. I think that at this price point the T-Shirt still has good quality and I will recommend it to others.

Buy a customised T-Shirt from Vistaprint now, Click here or else you can buy ready-made T-Shirts from Flipkart.