Facebook is awesome and it’s a great way to connect with your friends, share and like your friend`s photos and posts. According to recent reports there are a total of 1.65 billion active users monthly, now that is near to the population of India and US combined. Zuckerberg has started something which is Liked and Shared by millions of people around the world. But there are chances that many thug users on facebook might try to post something weird on your timeline and spam your wall then you might consider to delete or even deactivate your facebook account, well you can change privacy settings but if you don`t want any facebook account due to the psychological attack that thug gave you then this post might help!

Follow the Steps below to deactivate the account —

Step 1:  Login to your facebook account

Step 2:  Now open the drop-down menu from where you Logout from facebook.


Drop-down button

Step 3:  Click on Setting button from drop-down (Located above Log out button).

Step 4:  Now click on Security tab from the left side menu of the page.


The Settings page highlighting Security tab!

Step 5: Locate the Deactivate your account line and click on Edit!


Deactivate your account line on Security tab.

Step 6: Now finally click on Deactivate your account link and your account will be deactivated.


Step 1: Login to your facebook account.

Step 2: Click here to deactivate your account!

Step 3: No step 3, the step 2 deactivated your account! 🙂