Technology companies are some of the most valuable companies. Take the examples of Google (Alphabet), Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (they produce those e-readers, right). In fact 4 of the 5 most valuable companies in the world are technology companies (AAPL, GOOGL, MSFT, and FB). The combined value of these four companies is 1.9 trillion dollar which is almost (slightly higher than) equal to the GDP of the second most populous country on the planet, India. Now let’s get on the topic, why are tech companies so wealthy. Because they deserve it. It is due to the humongous efforts by the engineers backdoor. Now how much work do they actually do?

You are probably reading this on your Android device or a Windows PC. The Windows 7 contains approximately 40 million lines of code. Can you imagine that? I guess very few people might have explored the whole operating system, its settings, its inbuilt applications and other things. If few people would have explored it think about creating the Windows. According to Microsoft Blog, there were about 25 teams working on Windows 7, with each team containing about 40 developers which leads us to the conclusion that there were about 1000 developers working on the project to build the world’s most popular operating system. That means each developer wrote about 40000 lines of code, on average. That’s terrifying. Same thing goes with Android.

Google is 2 billion lines of code, which is 50 times the size of Windows 7. These code enables Google to show you relevant search results, news items, maybe this blog in the search results, your mail (if you use Gmail), your Google Drive, YouTube, Google Play Store on Android, everything Google. Now that is why the Google is the second largest corporation in the world right now. Heck, they are even developing a program which can code itself.

Technically, all the animals in the nature are software themselves. They are worth millions of lines of code created by nature, and capable of self-replicating themselves. So humans as a software themselves are creating less complex software. Sorry for the above technical junk and being a nerd if you didn’t like it.

Conclusion: – All the technology companies deserve to be that large because, behind the scenes they are working hard. So I believe it is unethical to use pirated software as it undermines the efforts by hundreds of engineers working to provide us the best software.